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Market Mahalakshmi (Telugu)
A young man pursues a relationship with an independent street vendor. Despite their differences, he tries various ways to convince her to marry him. [more]

Parijatha Parvam (Telugu)
The passionate but innocent gang of Chaitanya Rao, Viva Harsha and the unprofessional gang of Sunil and Shraddha Das try to kidnap the same person. Then unfolds a big conspiracy because of a tale of 2 great bad kidnaps filled with confusion drama, crime comedy and epic entertainment. [more]

Geethanjali Malli Vachindhi (Telugu)
A movie unit ventures into a haunted mansion, unaware of the true dangers. They're shocked to experience supernatural incidents that mirror their script. [more]

Bahumukham (Telugu)
Tanveer, an aspiring young actor, moves to a city after spending his formative years in a detention center. He meets Disha, his psychotherapist, as a part of his mandatory counseling sessions. However, he is holding back terrifying secrets that make him a threat to the people around him. [more]

Family Star (Telugu)
The highs and lows of family relationships in a Indian middle-class family. The life of Govardhan, who wants to achieve greatness in life but has to navigate through a myriad of relationship/trust/ego issues. [more]

Aadujeevitham (Telugu)
The real-life incident of an Indian migrant worker, Najeeb Muhammad, who goes to Saudi Arabia to earn money. However, in a twist of fate, he finds himself living a slave-like existence, herding goats in the middle of the desert. [more]

Tillu Square (Telugu)
Follows Tillu as his life is turned upside down following a mysterious murder. [more]

Om Bheem Bush (Telugu)
Follows three scientists who come to a village to find a treasure, but things don't turn easy for them because there is black magic in that village. [more]

Tantra (Telugu)
A timid girl named Rekha possesses an extraordinary power to perceive spirits. When she encounters a malevolent tantric, she's drawn into unraveling dark occult mysteries, putting her life at risk. [more]

Sharathulu Varthisthai (Telugu)
Chiranjeevi, a small government employee from a lower middle class family fights back with the system when the system takes them for granted and fails them. [more]

Premalu (Telugu)
Sachin pursues romance but finds himself caught between two potential partners, leading to amusing complications. [more]

Bhimaa (Telugu)
Mysterious incidents at a historical temple bring a detective to a small town to investigate. He seeks the truth behind the strange happenings. [more]

Gaami (Telugu)
A reclusive Aghori, who has a rare human condition goes into uncharted territory to find a cure to it. [more]

Vyooham (Telugu)
Revolves around the sudden circumstances which rose around the sudden death of YSR and the subsequent plots which were weaved by various concerned. [more]

Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana (Telugu)
In a small town in southern India, a rash of unsolved murders over the past 18 years has left the region shrouded in mystery. Despite repeated efforts, local police have failed to find any explanation or suspect. [more]