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Sureshanteyum Sumalathayudayum Hridaya Hariyaya Pranaya Kadha (Malayalam)
Across three different time periods, a man stages a play to win the heart of his infatuation, Sumalatha, only to face disapproval from her father. [more]

Guruvayoor Ambalanadayil (Malayalam)
A young man who is set to get married but due to a web of unforeseen bad luck and circumstances, he marries a woman who hates him and has to suffer her wrath over it. [more]

Aaro (Malayalam)
One day, a man named Murukan comes to the town, and he is in search of someone. As part of the search, he tries to connect to Thamara as he knows she has some solid information about the person he wants to see. [more]

Nadikar (Malayalam)
It follows the life of superstar David padikkal. David is a good actor but there comes a point in his life when he is forced to look inward to locate his real character and go beyond the facade of the star. [more]

Malayalee From India (Malayalam)
An unemployed young man named Aalparambil Gopi is compelled to embark on a journey away from his home. This unplanned trip ultimately changes the course of his life in a remarkable way. [more]

Pavi Caretaker (Malayalam)
An unmarried caretaker's life changes when he forms an unexpected bond, adding joy to his routine existence in a residential complex amidst life's challenges. [more]

Jai Ganesh (Malayalam)
Striving for normalcy, paraplegic designer Ganesh Gangadharan wrestles with inner demons in unforgiving shadows of sympathy. [more]

Aavesham (Malayalam)
Three teenagers reaches Bangalore for their engineering degree and gets involved in a fight with seniors. They find a local gangster named Ranga to help them take revenge. [more]

Varshangalkku Shesham (Malayalam)
The story of two friends set in two different time periods. Two boys, Murali and Venu, hailing from northern Kerala meet coincidentally and become friends. [more]

Aadujeevitham (Malayalam)
The real-life incident of an Indian migrant worker, Najeeb Muhammad, who goes to Saudi Arabia to earn money. However, in a twist of fate, he finds himself living a slave-like existence, herding goats in the middle of the desert. [more]

Thankamani (Malayalam)
In October 1986, a dispute erupted between students of Thankamani village and a private bus owner over service to the area which didn't have proper roads. [more]

Thaal (Malayalam)
Thaal is an upcoming Malayalam movie. The movie is directed by Raja Saagar and will feature Anson Paul, Rahul Madhav, Renji Panicker and Devi Ajith as lead characters. Other popular actors who were roped in for Thaal are Aju Varghese, Sidhartha Siva, Rohini, Sreedhanya and Viviya Santh. [more]

Athomugam (Malayalam)
Playful act of Martin by installing a spy app in his love of life Leena's phone reveals a mysterious character thereby triggering events that questions love,trust, friendship, technology and unravels the thrilling darkside of human actions [more]

Manjummel Boys (Malayalam)
In Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu friends on vacation face mishaps including a homestay with a creepy owner and a broken down car leading to humorous misadventures. [more]

Thundu (Malayalam)
A constable aiming for a promotion unexpectedly encounters many problems. Facing the issues with humor and compassion, he works to overcome them. [more]