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Weekly Horoscope

We have two types of Weekly Horoscopes, one based on Sun Sign and the other based on Moon Sign. Please make your selection below:

Horoscope by Sun Sign

Horoscope by Moon Sign

Sun Sign Weekly Horoscope based by Sandeep Bhargava : 5/17/2019 - 5/23/2019

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Sandeep Bhargava
Aacharya Sandeep Bhargava
Email: sb@sandeepbhargava.com

ARIES (March 21 to April 20): You'll start the week feeling energetic, luxurious, creative and prepared for romance. Singles will be busy trying to win over someone of the opposite sex to enjoy romantic moments. Businesspersons and professionals have to work hard chasing high worth customer to strike a major deal. You may tend to be aggressive however, don't overdo your act. Financial front will be comfortable. Just refrain from acting by instinct in money matters. Those who are having old health issues need to nurse it effectively to keep the issue under control. Don't neglect your medications under any circumstances.

TAURUS (April 21 to May 20): Planetary influences don't support good health this week so be extremely careful especially those who are middle aged and having some health issue. Businesspersons and professionals will be in a better position now to handle big deals successfully. You will need to learn new things at work to improve your performance. You will be in comfortable position on the financial front and you will manage your routine and incidental expenses easily. Some good opportunity to benefit monetarily will be missed due to inattentiveness.

GEMINI (May 21 to June 20): Growth prospect looks encouraging this week and you'll be happy with your current position at work. Businessmen will need to strive hard to keep the show running. They need also to focus their attention on existing customers and ensure the high quality of goods and services. There will be some good encouraging opportunities that will benefit you for the long time. Make a good use of these opportunities and do your very best. Some unexpected health issue may catch up with you so remain very careful with your health. Take preventive measures one you notice some unusual symptoms.

CANCER (June 21 to July 22): You will have a strong urge to further strengthen your financial position. Implement a strategic financial plan that will help you from spending on unnecessary items. Remain concerned about saving money for future needs. Businessmen may be playing against odds this week and need to put all their efforts into a business plan. An effective strategy will help you in pursuing your goals and will help you in making further developments in your business. Shaping relationship will not be the agenda of singles for now. Diabetics need to very careful this week. They need to stick to their diet and monitor the condition by having a regular checkup.

LEO (July 23 to August 22): You'll think a lot about your career and business matters this week. The next couple of days are going to be all about the small things. You'll think outside the box and you know the steps you're taking. It will be an excellent period for developing career plans. You tend to think about your position or standing on a professional level more frequently. Financial front will be stable. Remain careful about your financial transactions. Deliberate well before making any major commitments. As for health, old issues are likely to relapse. You need to be extremely careful regarding your health.

VIRGO (August 23 to September 22): Motivation is everything in life. You are likely to be very busy this week due to the daily activities that you need to finish. You need to do multitasking and you need to be patient with yourself and the people around you. There's chances for businessmen to clinch a high value deal this week. If you wish to change your job for betterment, then it's the best time to start looking. Finances will be smooth. Check unwarranted expenses as well as your personal one to save more money. With regards to health, you need to remain cautious about symptoms and treat them immediately to keep things under control.

LIBRA (September 23 to October 22): Businesspersons and professionals will have a gainful time this week. You'll bring out the best in you and your efficiency will be appreciated by your superiors and colleagues. Avoid taking decisions related to major financial involvement. You will be in a smooth financial position thanks to your ability of keeping your priorities in the right places. Be more concern on saving money for your future and avoid lending money to friends and relatives. If you are having health issues related to respiratory system or slow digestion, pay attention on it and take due measures to cure it the soonest.

SCORPIO (October 23 to November 22): Planetary positions this week are perfect for development. Planet Venus will help you organize your efforts to get maximum returns. Your ability to think outside the box saves your day, when the same old strategies just won't work. There will be some encouraging monetary gains that will strengthen your position on the financial front. You'll be able to save money satisfactorily. Use your surplus funds wisely as you might use the funds for home needs or furnishing. You need to be more cautious when it comes to your health. Seek professional help for any unexpected signs and symptoms that you might encounter.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 to December 22): Professionals need to connect with more customers to keep the show running. You may encounter problems performing your routine activities this week. There will be barriers that keep you from doing your activities consistently. Monetary gain is expected however, don't use it on unnecessary things or activities. Make it a habit to save and invest it for the future. Those in romantic relationships may develop serious doubts among themselves. Communications is the key. Singles on the other hand will likely succeed in shaping a relationship to enjoy pleasure of life. As for health, old issues are likely to relapse. You need to be extremely careful regarding your health.

CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19): Your family's happiness and contentment is your main focus this week. Workload will increase for professionals. Some old customer contacts will be revived and at the same time new meaningful relationship will take shape. This will also promote encouraging monetary gains for you that will strengthen your financial front. Park your savings on a safe avenue. Expenditure on luxury, vehicle or house should be kept on hold for this week. You may rekindle a friendship and may lead to romantic relationship. Stay away from any arguments. Remain cool headed and do not react overtly driven by emotions.

AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18): Businesspersons will likely to strike good profitable deals this week. You will feel elevated due to some important task entrusted to you at work. Once the task is successfully completed, your professional esteem will rise. Financial front will be stable. Some encouraging monetary gains will come your way that will enliven your spirit. Keep enough provision for emergency as there's chances to incur major expenses unexpectedly. About relationships, you will remain dissatisfied for not getting enough support over some important issue. You are advised to remain patient and keep your cool.

PISCES (Febraury 19 to March 20): Your position on the financial front will be strengthen due to some encouraging monetary gains. Increase in monetary provision for your family and household will be necessary. Businessmen will be busy with plans to increase turnover. You may need to extend some working hours to complete your assigned tasks. Favourable time for singles to win over the consent of someone they like. Marital life will be smooth sailing. There's nothing you need to worry about your health this week except for some minor ones. Remain cautious and treat it promptly.

Profile of Sandeep Bhargava:
Aacharya Sandeep Bhargava is a man of pure intellect and spirituality is an exemplary character in the field of astrology. He was only 14, when he started practicing astrology and now he has over 22000 followers all over the world. A true devotee of the goddess named 'Kamakhya', he believes that his powers and immense knowledge in astronomy is god gifted and with that, he intends to bring happiness into people's life. From successful TV shows in India to invigorating radio shows in UAE his achievements are countless. He has also featured in several magazines throughout the globe.

Sandeep Bhargava's client base in the field of Astrology and Vaastu include names like Raj Kumar Santoshi who is a well known film director & producer, bollywood star Sanjay dutt, Randeep Hooda, Raj Babbar, Television actor Vivian D'sena, Karan Patel, news reporter Deepak Chaurasia and Sahara supreme Subrato Roy to name a few.

Somebody said correctly, "misfortune never comes alone". Fate can be cruel at times and it can lead to a series of unlikely events. Aacharya Sandeep Bhargava has solutions to all the difficulties and misfortunes.

His online store cosmic vision offers several global services. His prescribed gemstones work wonders, his followers have experienced it.

So, no matter where you are or what you do, if you are not happy or if there is some problem, do not fret. Aacharya Sandeep can help you and bring back that long lost happiness you are craving for. His Website: http://sandeepbhargava.com



Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope based by Pandith Arjun Swami : 5/17/2019 - 5/23/2019

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Pandith Arjun Swami
Pandith Arjun Swami- Famous Indian Astrologer. Call +1 972-822-7679 & E-mail: pandithswami@gmail.com

ARIES (Chu , Che , Cho , Lo , Lu, Le , Aaa, L and Ch): You have a natural gift of authority. People will look up to you, and seek your guidance. You have an amazing capacity of getting things done, and sometimes you'll even surprise yourself doing them.

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TAURUS (E , Au , O, V , Vee , Voo, Ve , Vo ) : On your love relationship you are a concrete and to some extent very orthodox. It is not easy to be in love with you because you are a serious person in making and maintaining relationships. Sincerity and commitment are the pillars of your personality.

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GEMINI (K , Ki , Ku, Gh , D , Ko , H ): You have a peculiar tendency to try and finish any work in a moment. You try do that for other's problems too. You hurry to come to the solution which may not agree with your friends if all they wanted was a sympathetic ear. You have liberal thinking that places you high among others. Your creative nature and urge for vastness and something more makes you adjustable and flexible in adverse circumstances.

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CANCER (Hi , Hu , H , Ho , Da , Di , Du , De , Do): Your sensitivity is one thing that makes you different from others. You cannot hurt and can't even think of doing any injustice to others because of this unique quality. As a result you draw yourself back from others and take shelter in your beliefs if confronted. Yes, people may sometimes feel you are uncompetitive or weak but it also gives you great satisfaction that you will not harm anyone after your withdrawal.

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LEO (Ma , Mi , Mu , Mo , Ta , Ti , Tu , Te , T): You are essentially possessive and hooked to the target that you set for yourself. The unmatched potential in you to achieve your desires can amaze people. But if you are not sure of the outcome, you will be afraid to make the attempt and that will project a false image of weakness about you. You are prepared to take any risk, but only when you believe you have the capability and the drive to beat the odds and emerge the winner. If you are unsure about yourself, you'd rather do something else.

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VIRGO (To , Pa , Pee , Pu , P , Th , Pe , Po): Your talent and wisdom uplifts any group that you are a part of. The kind of organized and harmonious person you are is always calculative and restricted to yourself. But don't you feel that you are very self-critical? You go on criticizing and doubting things internally.

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LIBRA (Ra , Ree , Ru , Re , Ro , Ta , Ti , Too , Te , R and T): Your anxiety, happiness, confidence or other emotions can be seen in your expression and this simplicity makes you an adorable person. People can easily read you as you just cannot pretend! You love to present yourself the way people want you to see which gives you a natural ability to strike friendships quickly.

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SCORPIO (To, Na , Ni , Nu, Ne , No, Ya , Yi , Yu , T , N, Y): One part of your psyches constantly urges you to be creative and impulsive whereas the other one nags to be demanding and overprotective. It seems that you are in a war between the extrovert and introvert 'you'. You have desire to perform things to your liking but cannot because of your dubious bent of mind

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SAGITTARIUS (Ye , Yo , Fa , Fi , E , Y and F ): People like you are always free spirited that means you can go to the zenith to attain your aim. The cheerful mask you wear is actually your hiding place because you also have a darker and an intense side that not everybody is able to see. When driven, you can take risks and go to extreme measures that will make a weaker person shiver. In fact if you're scorned you can bite back with such fury that it's hard to imagine you're the very same person who was so full of cheer a moment ago

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CAPRICORN (Bho , Ja , Ji , Khee , Khu , Kho , Bh , Kh): There is a sense of discomfort in your company because most of the time you are occupied in pushing your agenda. Whatever you do, you're determined to succeed no matter what it takes. You are very conscious about your actions and their results and need no explanation or justifications from others. You don't simply lend an ear to others! .

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AQUARIUS (Goo , Ge , Go , Sa , Soo, Se , So ): You've worn this mask as you don't want to be neglected and avoided by your close ones. And in this way your original nature stays dormant

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PISCES: You have the capacity to achieve what you desire, but it's not often that you desire anything material, that's why you will not participate in the rat race. You are attracted by higher goals and the extra ordinary things in life, and that's what you will pursue. To you every task must have a special purpose be it small or big. You know your interests and responsibilities and don't bother about mundane happenings

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Profile of Pandith Arjun Swami:
Pandith Arjun Swami practicing astrology from 1994, lives in Dallas, TEXAS now he has many followers in USA. A true devotee of the goddess named ‘Renu Yellamma Devi’, he believes that his powers and immense knowledge in astronomy is god gifted and with that, he intends to bring happiness into people's life. He start is online and remote prayers with spiritual meditation worked for many many clients. So, no matter where you are or what you do, if you are not happy or if there is some problem, do not fret. Pandith Arjun Swami can help you and bring back that long lost happiness you are craving for. His Website: https://goodindianastrologer.com