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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
05/18/1772 Janoji Bhosle, warrior in Peshwa kingdom, passed away.
05/18/1775 Warren Hastings expressed doubt of hanging Nandkumar.
05/18/1872 Bertrand Russell, great philosopher, mathematician, author and Chairmain of the Indian League, was born.
05/18/1901 Nibaran Chandra Chakrabarti, great poet and Hindi writer, was born in Brahmangaon, (Dacca).
05/18/1912 Narayan Govind Chitre, with the help of R. P. Tipnis and Cameraman Johnson, produced a 8000 ft. long theatrical film 'Pundalik', which was directed by Ramchandra Torney alias Dada Saheb Torne. The entire film was shot in a theatre at Mangaldas Wadi in Bombay, where the Sangit Mandali, a professional theatre group, was performing a play 'Pundalik'. The film was released on May, 18 in the Coronation Cinematograph at Girgaum, Bombay.
05/18/1926 Naranjan Bhagat, famous Gujrathi poet, was born.
05/18/1932 Hindu-Muslim riots take place in Bombay. 150 are killed or injured. Jinnah - the permanent president of the Muslim league, began to spread the rumors that Muslim minority was in danger under Hindu majority and actively propagated the theory of two separate nations.
05/18/1933 Gandhiji commences at noon 21 days' fast for self-purification; released unconditionally at 9 p.m.
05/18/1945 Bhagwat Subramaniam Chandrasekhar, cricketer (brilliant Indian leggie 1964-79), was born in Banglore. He received Arjun Award and Padmashree awards in 1972.
05/18/1946 Gandhiji discusses Plan with Cabinet Mission.
05/18/1955 Hindu Marriage Act is amended.
05/18/1966 Panchanan Maheshwari, great Indian scientist of botany, passed away. He studied the morphology, anatomy and embryology of some angiosperms, the class of plants which produce flowers. He discovered species of plants like ""Panchanania Jaipuriensis and Isoeted Panchananil."" He wrote two authoritative books, 'An Introduction to the Embryology of Angiosperms' & 'Recent Advances in Embryology on Angiosperms'. In 1951, he founded the International Society of plant Morphologists.
05/18/1972 Kokan Krishi (Agriculture) University was established.
05/18/1973 A powerful underground explosion rocked India's desert of Rajasthan today, making India the sixth nation in history to set off a nuclear device. The blast, which took place at a depth of 330 feet, was in the range of 10-15 kilotons, smaller than the bomb exploded by the US at Nagasaki in World War II. India is signatory to the 1963 test ban treaty, and thus was prohibited from exploding the device on land or in the air. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi claimed the purpose of the test was peaceful and said 'such explosions may have their use in mining operations'.
05/18/1974 First underground Atomic device explosion for India was carried out successfully near Pokhran in Rajasthan (Thar Desert) at 8:05 a.m. This event made India as the 6th nation to explode an atomic bomb.
05/18/1974 Jayaprakash Narayan led a procession against economic conditions in Patna. There was lathi charged and he issued a call for total revolution. He also started the 'Citizens for Democracy' movement.
05/18/1985 Dr. P. C. Alexander appointed High Commissioner in Britain.
05/18/1988 The ten-day Golden Temple siege at Amritsar ends with the surrender of 46 militant Sikhs.
05/18/1992 President R. Venkataraman reaches Beijing.
05/18/1995 Criminal Law (Amendment Bill, 1995) introduced in Parliament to replace the 10-year-old controversial TADA Act.
05/18/1995 Sukhomoy Sengupta, 76, Tripura's first CM, passed away.
05/18/1998 India talks with the US on the nuclear tests.
05/18/1998 India may take the US to WTO.
05/18/1999 R. B. Sapre, India's first national chess champion, died in Mumbai.


Other Historical Dates and Events
07/13/1997A mob, allegedly of Shiv Sainiks, attacks and ransacks official residences of Congress leaders Chagan Bhujbal and Madhukar Pichad (Assembly).
07/09/1969India accepted 'Royal Bengal Tiger' as its National Animal, as recommended by the Indian Wild life Board. This Tiger is also known as the majestic tiger - panthere tigris (Linnaeus).
07/29/1984Troops were sent to Hyderabad to quell communal riots.
07/08/1999The bodies of 12 soldiers, who martyred in Kargil battle, were brought to New Delhi. So far 321 soldiers were killed and 476 wounded in operation Vijay.
10/10/1991Anantrao Laxmanrao Kulmarni, editor of monthly magzine 'Sajjangad' and weekly 'Samarth', died.
05/10/1917Ramanand Maru Amin, great novelist, was born in Baloor, Mangalore.
08/03/1900Nana Patil, great revolutionary, was born.
01/01/1978Samrat (Emperor) Ashoka, Air India's first Jumbo-Jet Boeing 747, after explosion falls into Arabian Sea, killing 213 people. Nobody survived.
11/08/1661Guru Har Rai passed away. Second son Har Kishan became the eighth Sikh Guru age of 5 years 4 Months. He passed away at the age of 7 years 9 Months.
02/01/1944Arun Tikekar, editor and writer, was born.