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Star (Tamil)
Follows a youngster Kalai and his aspirations of becoming a 'Star' in the Tamil Film Industry. Born in a lower-middle-class family, will Kalai overcome all his struggles to emerge as a Star? [more]

Aranmanai 4 (Tamil)
After his sister's suspicious death, a man decides to discover the hidden truth, setting off a chasm for chaos and terror. [more]

Rathnam (Tamil)
Rathnam works as a henchman under MLA Panner Selvam. A girl travels to Vellore for an interview and a few rowdies try to kill her but Rathnam saves her and becomes her guardian angel. How long can he protect her? [more]

Romeo (Tamil)
A husband tries to win the love of his wife, who marries him because of familial obligation. [more]

Dear (Tamil)
A newly married couple faces challenges when the wife's snoring interrupts the husband's sleep. Their struggles depict the compromises needed for a lasting marriage. [more]

Kalvan (Tamil)
Kemban, a thief seeking an anti-poaching watcher job, finds out that it requires a bribe of Rs. 2 Lakh. Will he be able to arrange the money? [more]

Joshua: Imai Pol Kaka (Tamil)
The tale of a bodyguard who has to look after and protect a high-profile woman who comes to Chennai from London. [more]

Siren (Tamil)
An Ambulance driver turned criminal, who awaits the day of his release from prison. However, the man gets to go out of jail after 14 years on parole. [more]

Lover (Tamil)
Arun and Divya's six-year relationship starts unraveling as they drift apart, raising the question of whether love can withstand such differences. [more]

Lal Salaam (Tamil)
A reckless townsman tries to mend his thug ways ends up resurrecting himself and proves to be worthy of the world, in the eyes of the same people who chased him away. [more]

Marakkuma Nenjam (Tamil)
Coming-of-age school reunion drama in which students from the 2008 batch of a convent school are forced to get back to their school in 2018 and spend 3 months to take the board exams followed by a court order. [more]

Vadakkupatti Ramasamy (Tamil)
A real-life incident that happened in a village in the 1960s-70s. [more]

Blue Star (Tamil)
The cricket captains of Arakkonam, Ranjith and Rajesh, ignite a rivalry that ruins their chances of playing when politics interferes. [more]

Singapore Saloon (Tamil)
A young hairstylist who has a lot of dreams. [more]

Mission: Chapter 1 (Tamil)
A father takes his daughter to UK for treatment. But he ends up in trouble. What happens next ? [more]