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Roberrt (Kannada)
Starring : Jagapathi Babu, Darshan Thoogudeep, Asha BhatDirector : Tarun Sudhir [more]

Pogaru (Kannada)
Starring : Rashmika Mandanna, Kai Greene, Dhruva SarjaDirector : Nandakishore [more]

Inspector Vikram (Kannada)
Starring : Bhavana, Darshan, Prajwal DevarajDirector : Narasimha [more]

Paapu (Kannada)
Starring: Sarath Babu, Kriti Kharbanda, Srinagar KittyDirector: S. Mahendar [more]

Pinki Elli? (Kannada)
Starring: Akshatha Pandavapura, Gunjalamma, Deepak SubramanyaDirector: Prithvi Konanur [more]

10 (Kannada)
Stars: Vinay Rajkumar, Anusha RanganathDirector : Karm Chawla [more]

Family Pack (Kannada)
Director: Arjun Kumar .S.Stars: Amrutha Iyengar, Likith Shetty [more]

Avane Srimannarayana (Kannada)
Starring : Rakshit Shetty, Shanvi Srivastava, Achyuth Kumar, Balaji Manohar, Madhusudhan Rao,Director : Sachin Ravi [more]

Pailwaan (Kannada)
Starring:SudeepSuniel ShettyAakanksha SinghSushant SinghKabir Duhan SinghSharath LohitashwaDirected byS. Krishna [more]

Gubbi Mele Bramhastra (Kannada)
Gubbi Mele Bramhastra - (Kannada) [more]

Kurukshetra (Kannada)
Kurukshetra is a historic war film. The story is the reinterpretation of the Mahabharata from the view of Duryodhana, a Kaurava king. [more]

Mahira (Kannada)
While on the run from a group of assassins, a mother goes to extreme lengths to protect her daughter. Her expert survival skills and unusual ability to stay strong in the face of mortal danger takes everyone by surprise, raising questions about her mysterious past. [more]

Yaanaa (Kannada)
Yaana is a coming-of-age story of three girls - Maya, Anjali and Nandhini - who meet each other under unusual circumstances and subsequently undertake a journey together to Goa which will change their lives forever. The film delves into the aspirations and values of today`s youth, who would go to any length to achieve their dreams. As the saying goes, the greatest journey is the one within. [more]

I Love You (Nanne Preethse) (Kannada)
Santhu (Upendra), a lovable boy does not believe in the concept of true love and keeps the college alive with his mischievous antics. After a few years of graduating from college, Santhu meets his college lover Dharmika (Rachita Ram). Will Santhu change himself for Dharmika? [more]

Padde Huli (Kannada)
The film revolves around a guy who is very passionate about music. As time passes, his passion for music becomes stronger and he decides to pursue his dream by going to Bangalore for one year. He seeks permission from his father who does not seem to be too convinced with the idea of his son making a career in music. Will a young dream perish due to a father-son clash of interests? [more]