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Profile of Monisha  mahajan

Monisha  mahajan

Name: Monisha  mahajan
Location:Fremont, CA
A law firm with a unique blend of services to the Indian Diaspora across the globe to any legal issue in India. With the presence of local offices across the globe and the presence of the firm across the nation, the firm has the knowledge, experience, resources to assist the client in all areas of law; Family & Succession Laws, Land and Property Disputes, Laws for Senior Citizens, Taxation Laws, Matrimonial Issues, Consumer Law, RERA related matters, Partition of Land and Property, Title Search, Transfer of Property, Inheritance Law, Succession Certificate, Wills, Power of Attorney etc.
We believe that every problem whether simple or complex must be solved with the best solutions. The foundation stones of our firm are strategy building and innovative thinking. What sets us apart from the rest of the firms in the country is our international background and experience which helps us to guide clients and attorneys based internationally through the India judicial system and help them in understanding the cultural and technical differences with their own legal systems.

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