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Refurbished Water Wells Save Lives in Rural Indian Villages

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Contributed by : Tom Webber
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Millions of Indian people do not have access to a sustainable water supply in their villages. The women are forced to walk miles daily to collect often contaminated water for domestic use. Children and adults fall ill from waterborne pathogens for cholera, dysentery, and diarrhea, and sometimes die. Children are especially vulnerable, and suffer the most from bad water.

Fortunately, this backbreaking drudgery is easily alleviated by refurbishing broken village water wells. Health improves immediately when the people have access to safe, clean water.

The all-volunteer BridgIT Water Foundation fundraises to refurbish wells in rural Andhra Pradesh villages. These cost-effective interventions provide donors with truly effective altruism because of the high return on philanthropic investment. BridgIT can refurbish a broken water well for about US$1,000, which represents a capital investment of only US$0.10/beneficiary/year for a sustainable water supply! Ten U.S. cents, a thin dime, brings relief to one Indian person's water woes.

BridgIT has a crowdfunding campaign running on Global Giving at goto.gg/55561 where people can give back to support the health of fellow Indian people. Please click on the link or enter the URL in your browser, read through the campaign, and consider a tax-deductible donation that will totally change the lives of the people.

Your $1,000 donation provides about 850 people with safe, clean water for over 10 years. Will you consider refurbishing a well for an entire village? Really, any contributions are greatly appreciated because there is no greater gift than a safe water supply for those who truly need it.

Thank you for considering a contribution to BridgIT Water Foundation's water well refurbishment project to advance Indian economic development.
Fundraiser URL: https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/india-water-crisis-relief-fund/


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Refurbished Water Wells Save Lives in Rural Indian Villages
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